Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Theories


My Predictions for Jurassic World II

Because the internet is a little low on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom speculation, I thought i’d add a little of my own. The first trailer hits December 13th, 2017, which is when we’ll have our first chance to make some better informed guesses. Until then, I’m gonna make a couple of maybe not-so-wild guesses at what the next movie in the Jurassic franchise is going to have in store for us. I have no inside information, and so on, and so forth. These aren’t spoilers, just pure conjecture. If i’m right, I will be available for consulting on Jurassic World III at a ridiculously enormous salary. I already have a great idea for the plot too. Read on to see how far I can go with this!

Locating The Fallen Kingdom

To me, the whole ‘Fallen Kingdom’ bit foretells some kind of apocalyptic state of things. Post-apocalyptic is the new black in movies and TV today. Given the hints from Jurassic World, where Doctor Wu and all of his work escaped, there’s bound to have been some experiment that got out of hand. Again. I’m assuming here that there’s not going to be that big of a time span between part one and part two, given that some of the same characters will be appearing. We can realistically assume that the dinosaurs haven’t had time to take over the entire Earth. But maybe, just maybe, a small kingdom? Maybe the United Kingdom? There have been a great many connections to the United Kingdom in the Jurassic franchise. Characters appear from the United Kingdom including John Hammond, Robert Muldoon, and Roland Tembo. Someone at Ingen has a lot of British connections, pulling all these resources of British origin. Even the vacationing family at the beginning of the Lost World sounded pretty British to me. Not to mention there’s a huge dinosaur culture (See what I did there?) in the United Kingdom in today’s world. It’s also a small-ish island that dinosaurs could take over more quickly than landlocked countries like the United States or Germany.

Rearranging The Animal Kingdom

Another ‘kingdom’ reference could be referring to the animal kingdom. Humans are currently at the top of the animal kingdom. Of course that’s only because of a giant 6 mile wide asteroid, randomly striking Earth within a particular 30 second window. If dinosaurs were still here, would humans have stayed at the top? I think this is one of the questions that the movie title wants you to think about. The entire Jurassic franchise answers this question though, over and over. Dinosaurs trump man every time. Jurassic Park ends with the Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring, and the human-made banner falling to the ground. Jurassic World ends with the Tyrannosaur roaring over the ‘fallen’ park. It’s very symbolic, I think.

Following The Clues

If we take it a step further, Jurassic Park II: The Lost world takes place largely on an untamed island, with dinosaurs running around out from under human control. Given how closely Jurassic World followed the general story of Jurassic Park, I think Fallen Kingdom may take a few cues from The Lost World. I think we can expect to have an island, or area, with dinosaurs roaming free. If you put it on another island, some world military could just nuke the island and the story would be over. Setting it on the United Kingdom would provide the complication of civilian casualties. Not to mention, having dinosaurs triumph over such an advanced country, continues the theme of the Jurassic franchise.

Crystal Ball or Magic 8 Ball?

There aren’t a lot of details, but there are a lot of recurring themes throughout the Jurassic franchise that we can plug in. I think the key is the reoccurring theme of dinosaurs overcoming mankind is most important to focus on. The mighty Indominous Rex was defeated because it was man’s creation. It didn’t have the benefit of instincts, telling it to stay away from deep, dark water. The rex and the raptor both had those instincts, which could have been why they cornered the Indominus where they did. Think you could you implant instincts into dinosaurs? The Bladerunner movies say yes. I’m gonna go on record right now and predict that’ll be covered in the plot of the third Jurassic World movie. The whole movie is going to be about implanting dinosaurs with instincts, and then sending other clone dinosaurs to retire them. Yep, I can even predict the title: Jurassic World: 2049! Who’s with me?