Dinosaur News Update #8

Dinovember 2017 News

I hope everyone is now recovered from their post-Halloween sugar crash. October was a great month thanks to the #inktober event on Twitter. I saw a lot of great art, Halloween themed and otherwise. Next is of course Dinovember, so we have lots to look forward to again as far as art and creativity.


Permia has added some new creatures to its lineup including Stegosaurus, Parsaurolophus, and more. Permia offers clothes, cards, art, and other items with a dinosaur and prehistoric creature theme. One side has the dinosaur, and the other side has its skeleton. You can use the code NEWVEMBER17 to get 20% off right now!


The official release date for the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer has been announced. You’ll be able to see it on Dec 13, 2017 in front of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Hold on to your butts until then!


Artist Charlie Chiodo is putting out a book of his dinosaur art. Chiodosaurs is funding on Kickstarter now. He has a very distinctive style that I recognized right away. Pledges start at just $20 and include an autograph! You can even addon a personalized message for $10 more!

Deathworlds is a comic about the afterlife, and how you got there. When a recently unemployed substitute teacher gets taken out like the dinosaurs, he suddenly finds himself sharing their afterlife fate. Deathworlds is funding on Kickstarter now. You can find sample artwork and story on the project page. A $10 pledge gets you a PDF of the first issue.


Haunted Jukebox Entertainment is putting together a podcast drama called The Allosauriad. It’s obviously dinosaur related, but there are no details yet. If podcast dramas are your thing, you can check out The Allosauriad on Patreon and Twitter.

Speaking of radio dramas, ‎Extinction Level is a segment inside of the Jurassic Park Podcast. They are currently up to part six, and you can find them tucked inside episodes of the Jurassic Park Podcast.

Cars and Trucks

There is now officially a car named after a dinosaur. Hennessey Performance took the Ford F-150 raptor, and created the Ford VelociRaptor! Two extra wheels is only the first thing that sets this truck apart. You can check out the Jurassic World spoof they did to introduce the truck here. Then you can head to your local dealer to pick one up. Just don’t forget to bring $100,000 with you.

Video Games

Tales of Candlekeep continues the Tomb of Annihilation/dinosaur theme for PC. It is a turn based dungeon crawler where a party of heroes fight their way across Chult. Of course Chult is inhabited by dinosaurs, so you’ll be doing battle with them along the way. This is more of a has-dinosaurs game, than a game about dinosaurs. If you enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, it might be a nice way to mix in two of your favorite things.

For those with a retro sweet tooth for the 8-bit/16-bit games, Rex: Another Island launched recently on PC. It’s an open world platformer game where you jump and explore your way around as a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Halloween Events

‎ARK had a Halloween event through November 1st. It consisted of spawning Halloween themed enemies, so that your dinosaurs could feast on killer clowns, chainsaw killers, and so on. I was really busy and didn’t get a chance to jump in, though I wish i had.

The ‎Archotek Project also had a Halloween event through November 1st. Collecting 100 claws would let you unlock a cool skin which was essentially a fossilized skeleton of your dinosaur. I did get to check this one out, and I loved the Halloween skins!

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