Beasts of the Mesozoic on Kickstarter


beasts of the mesozoic scientifically accurate dinosaur toys

Collectible Dinosaur Toys Coming

When you think of dinosaur toys, the first thing that pops to mind are those cheap, plastic, single-color toys. There are some other brands out that that offer some better sculpts, and multiple colors. Thanks to a recent Kickstarter, you can now get scientifically accurate dinosaur toys. Or, you will be able to this time next year. David Silva sculpts toys professionally, and he’s using his skills to bring about this line of scientifically accurate dinosaur toys. From all the pictures and videos, these look to be good sized dinosaur toys. They could easily be put into the collectible category, given their high quality.

Different From Other Dinosaur Toys

Being scientifically accurate is very important. If you have a velociraptor toy without feathers, you don’t really have a velociraptor toy. You have something that a toy company pushed out purely to cash in on dinosaurs. David Silva is trying to do something more here. He’s trying to bring science into the mainstream. If you look at these figures, each one looks deadly. If you’ve ever had reservations about dinosaurs with feathers looking menacing, this should put your worries to rest. At $35 each, these are not cheap toys. Whether you want to let kids play with them is of course a personal choice. At the very least, they look good sitting on display. They’re extremely posable, and come with extra claw options in case you want a different action pose. David really did think of everything when creating these dinosaur toys. I pledged for an Atrociraptor as well as the Kickstarter exclusive, the Velociraptor osmolskae.

Successful Kickstarter Means MORE

The project got nearly triple what it needed to be successful. All of the stretch goals were met, meaning in all there will be 16 different raptors available. In addition to the raptor toys, there were several other pledge rewards including artwork and accessories. Once the Kickstarter campaign is complete, you can find these raptor toys for sale on, David’s personal website. There are some other interesting things in his shop too. Lots of cast-resin dinosaur models. The Kickstarter exclusive won’t be available of course. Now the most exciting thing about this campaign, to me, is his ominous message at the bottom of the Kickstarter campaign. Seeing as my favorite dinosaur is a triceratops, i’ll be pulling out my credit card fast enough to give it whiplash.