Paleo Productions Desktop Skull Collection on Kickstarter


desktop diinosaur skull replicas

Ever wanted something classy to decorate your desk? Call me crazy, but it doesn’t get much more classy than a dinosaur skull. Paleo Productions is offering a miniature nanotyrannus skull replica through their Kickstarter campaign. The project is headed by Zack Coker, an established paleoartist. You can check out his work on his website here. The skulls are printed from high resolution 3D printers. The success of this campaign means regular skulls added to the collection on the order of every few months. So while this may not be your favorite dinosaur, a skull for you is likely in the future. Printing of lesser known dinosaurs is specifically mentioned. Also there are some art prints available, as well as combination rewards of both prints and skulls. While I think the skull looks amazing, the $75 pledge level is a bit much for me right now. This is the perfect gift for the dinosaur lover that dreams of owning their own dinosaur skeleton, but doesn’t quite have the housing situation to match.