The Dinosaur Beer Database

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dinosaur beers around the world

Dinosaur Themed Beer From Around The World

Adult beverage. Liquid bread. Liquid courage! Barley sandwich. Cold coffee. The 12 oz Curl. All names we give to BEER. There are a surprising amount of ways to celebrate both beer and dinosaurs. I have brought together what some might consider a mandatory checklist for dinosaur inspired beers and breweries. So if you want to throw one back in honor of the extinct, you’ll be happy to know not only is there a big variety of types and brands, but that you can find them all over the world. No matter where you are though, you should always drink responsibly.


Mostly the breweries listed here are for their dinosaur influenced by names, or their heavily themed line of dinosaur drinks.

Dinosaur Brewing Company (US)

This is a home brewing company out of San Francisco Bay area California. You can’t buy their beer in stores because they make their beer at home. You can try it at their taphouse in Concord, California. They have different beers on tap year round, and have a HUGE assortment of dinosaur inspired beer names. Centrosaurus Cider, Brontosaurus Brown, Fossilized Amber, and more. They also print dinosaur facts on the labels of all their beers! What better way to combine alcohol and education? This is a required college course for science degrees waiting to happen.

Staggeringly Good Brewery (UK)

Beer for dinosaur riders! This brewery seems wants to cater to the dinosaur riding crowd. Based in the UK, don’t let the name deceive you. ThaiRannoCitrus IPA and Post Impact Porter are just a few of the all dinosaur-themed beer line. If you live in the UK mainland, they will ship their beer to you. Otherwise you can find it in establishments all along the south-central coast from Brighton to Southampton. Their own brewery is at Portsmouth, dead in the center of their distribution area.

Ponysaurus Brewing Company (US)

Even though it has Pony in the name, it’s an awesome name. The beer beer would drink, if beer could drink beer. That’s their motto. Half dinosaur, half pony, this brewery is based in Durham, NC. Established in 2013, they offer a variety of craft beers. No fancy names, they’re called just what they are. Fig Saison Ale, Weizenbock, Biere De Garde, etc. They seem like non-traditional beers, at least to the likes of me, but no dinosaur named influences.

Fossil Craft Beer Company (US)

Founded in 2013 by a group of 5 friends, they were originally named The Fossil Brewing Company until 2015. They have a tap room loaded with dinosaur-fossil decor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have 8 taps, half of which are dedicated to specialty and seasonal brews. A few have dinosaur names, Tyrannosaurus Red, Raptor Porter, but they appear to be strictly specialty and/or seasonal. Evolution Ale and Stone Age Stout are their normal stable of beer names.

The Dinosaur Beers

These are year round, always available beers. Looks like North Carolina, USA is the current dinosaur beer capital of the world! Eugene, Oregon USA comes in second. Other locales best get a move on! How I wish I could taste every one of them…

Brewery Location Beer Name Description
Ninkasi Brewing Eugene, OR Tricerahops IPA Earthy and floral hops, generous malt, bold and balanced. Hoppy, intensely flavorful and smooth.
Steelhead Brewing Company Eugene, OR Hopasaurus Rex Complex contrivance of hops creating an intensely bitter, yet well-balanced brew.
Right Brain Brewery Traverse City, MI Concrete Dinosaur Brown Rye IPA. Giant notes of Rye accented by subtle citrus undertones. Flavor is very similar to a strongly spiced Pumpernickel bread.
Mystic Brewery Chelsea, MA The Orange Dinosaur 8.5% ABV, Bright, with juicy peach notes, followed by citrusy lime and blood orange flavors. Finishes with piney bitterness and a hint of tamarind.
Conshocken Brewing Company Bridgeport, PA Inner Dinosaur 4.8% ABV, Dose of wheat blends and grassy and cilantro flavor hops to complement the spring barley and munich malts.
Cedar Creek Brewery Seven Points, TX Dankosaurus 6.8% ABV, Bold pine, citrus, peach, and tangerine hop flavors, along with a clean bitterness are balanced by a velvety malt backbone. Bitterness units – 65, SRM – 5.6, Hops – Apollo, Bravo, Eureka, Malts – US 2-Row, Rye Malt, Flaked Oats
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company Decorah, IA PseudoSue 5.8% ABV, American Pale Ale, Single hop pale ale showcases the Citra hop for a well balanced beer that is delicate in body with a mild bitterness in the finish. She roars with ferocious aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mango and evergreen. PseudoSue’s unique and addictive taste is clean and bright, 50 IBUs
BNA Brewing Company Kelowna, BC CA Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur 6.2% ABV, Bold ale with fruit aromas & a soft citrus bitterness. Smooth finish, deep copper colour. 70 IBU
Asheville Brewing Company & Innovation Brewing Asheville, NC
Sylva, NC
Dinosour Sour blonde ale with rose petals, elderberry, and hibiscus. Two-brewery collaboration!
Off Color Brewing Chicago, IL Dinosmores 10.5% ABV, Imperial stout with graham flour, marshmallow fluff, vanilla, and cocoa nibs with Amager and West Lakeview Liquors, IBU:40
Malts: Pale, Vienna, Wheat, Cara II, Extra Special, Flaked Oats, Dark Chocolate, Black, Roasted Barley, Hops: Nugget, Secret Ingredients: Marshmallow fluff, vanilla beans, molasses, graham flour, cocoa nibs
Off Color Brewing Chicago, IL Coffee Dinosmores 10.5% ABV, Single origin bean from Sumatra – Ibu Rumani with classic dominant chocolate, pipe tobacco and cherry notes.
Off Color Brewing Chicago, IL Tooth & Claw 4.8% ABV, Dry hop lager, made from hops, pulverized dino teeth, malt! Only for sale at the Chicago Field Museum.
Staggeringly Good Brewery Portsmouth, Hampshire UK StaggerSaurus IPA 4% ABV, American hops, rich golden colour, strong aromas of summer fruits. The first taste to hit the palate is grapefruit then an unapologetic bitterness which softens quickly for a refreshing finish!
Staggeringly Good Brewery Portsmouth, Hampshire UK ThaiRannoCitrus 4% ABV, IPA with Kaffir Lime, harmonious combination of aromatic Kaffir Lime infused with American hops. Distinct Lime and peach flavours & aromas are balanced with hoppy bitterness. Delicious on its own or the perfect accompaniment to rich/spicy foods
Staggeringly Good Brewery Portsmouth, Hampshire UK Post Impact Porter 5.4% ABV, Intensely rich Porter with Roasted malts balanced with dark chocolate.
Staggeringly Good Brewery Portsmouth, Hampshire UK VelociRapture 6.5% ABV, American IPA, secret combination of four different hops that bestow on it a strong fruit character and bitterness.
Staggeringly Good Brewery Portsmouth, Hampshire UK PteRedactale 5% ABV, American Red Ale, big hoppy bursts of sweet strawberry converge with roasted notes.
Brooklyn Brewery New York, NY Quintaceratops 10.9% ABV, Style: Belgian Style Quad Aged in Rum and Bourbon Barrels, Malts: British Pale, Abbey, Belgian Special B, Additions: Belgian Dark Candi Syrup, Hops: Perle, Aurora, East Kent Golding, Yeast: Our House Belgian Yeast, Prise de Mousse Champagne.

Beer Bellied Dinosaur

While I have your attention, I want to segue into the perfect real, actual dinosaur for you. Deinocheirus (die-no-kye-rus) is nicknamed “the beer bellied dinosaur” because of it’s odd shaped belly. Scientists agree it was not from drinking beer though. It was an omnivore, feeding on aquatic plants and fish, so maybe it ate hops and malts? First found in Mongolia in 1965, most of it’s bones were stolen by poachers initially, but later recovered. This dinosaur didn’t have any teeth, but who needs teeth to drink beer, right? It also had a freakishly large tongue. Perfect for sampling beer right!? At 36 feet/11 meters, he stood as tall as a Tyrannosaurus. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as fast as Tyrannosaurus. It wasn’t a very fast dinosaur at all. It had very wide toes to help keep it from sinking into the sand. You can read more here, but our educational moment is over. Back to the beer part now! Thanks for sticking with me.

Dinosaur Beer Drinking Supplies

Some people prefer the taste of bottles, and some prefer cans. Unfortunately both of those types are wrong because from the tap is always best. However YOU like to drink your beer, if you’re going to through all the trouble to hunt down a dinosaur inspired beer, find yourself something worthy of drinking it from. I’ve dug up some unique stuff on the internet going through the usual places to find dinosaur gifts for adults, as well as digging a little further. As always, buying through some of these links does help me out with a commission. You never pay extra though, and you’re supporting this site. Thank you!

Dinosaur Steins

Steins are stoneware (clay/ceramic) or ornately designed mugs for holding, and drinking, beer! This is probably going to be your most expensive option, but it will definitely be your most unique. Steins can also be collectibles, of course depending on what you buy. Amazon has a few dinosaur steins, but one is particularly incredible (pictured here) and expensive to match. Remember: traditional steins are stoneware, not glass! Glass drinking options are below.

Dinosaur Glassware

Probably the most widely available, common, and cheapest way to get your full experience dinosaur drink on. You can get etched designs as well as decals.  Surprisingly Etsy offers several items with customization options (your name, message, whatever) available for either no additional cost, or very little extra. I find the glass can style to be the most unique option, personally. They’re available from Etsy and Amazon. Your standard fare of pint glasses and mugs are available, as well as some miscellaneous too. I’d definitely check Zazzle before I made a purchase. They have some awesome glass beer mugs. Tip: Store your glasses in the freezer for optimum cold drinking!

Future of Dinosaur Beer Drinking

A dinosaur beer was released as recently as May 2016. It doesn’t seem like there will be any shortage of dinosaur inspiration for beer anytime soon. I’ll also be looking at wines, and maybe liquors in the future. For now, if you find any beers, breweries, or unique drinkware somewhere, please contact me! You can even snap a picture of it and send it on Twitter @DinosaurCulture. The topic of dinosaur beer doesn’t go away today. I hope to find some of these beers, and review them in my own purely amateur style. Even though I prefer lager to ales, it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make for you. You’re welcome.

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