Dinosaur News Update #7

Kickstarter Crowd Funding Projects

Ever wanted to run your own dinosaur park? With the kickstarter project for tabletop board game Dinogenics, you can! Manage your resources well and compete with other players to draw the biggest crowds to your dinosaur park! You can choose from four companies, each with different pros, and cons. It’s already reached it’s funding goal! You can get the game for $54 plus shipping.

A humorous little kickstarter is up and running for Jurassic Park Explorer pins. These pins show the Explorer falling! Great for Jurassic Park fans out there. You can get a pin for just $13, and that includes international shipping! (Project is in the United Kingdom)

Beasts of Bermuda is a dinosaur survival game with a twist. Unlike current games, this one is heavily affected by weather, tides, and other environmental factors. The project is still active, and over 40% funded already. This game also allows you to play as marine reptiles, allowing you to explore the ocean as well! Pledges for a copy of the game start at $14 USD.

Have you seen those dinosaur terrarium pictures? There is a Tiny Dino Terrarium Vinyl Sticker kickstarter project running. These are 3 inch indoor/outdoor vinyl stickers with cartoon stylized dinosaurs in tiny terrariums. With 6 stickers to choose from, pledge rewards start at $5 with $1 shipping.

Ever heard of the Catasaurus? Half cat, half dinosaur. The Kickstarter for these enamel pins was successfully funded. You can check out these pins on the project page, and follow along to see where you can pick them up in the future.

Video Games

Prehistoric Kingdom announced it’s Kickstarter is coming soon! It is a dinosaur park builder video game where you create the dinosaur theme park of your dreams. There is a demo currently available on Steam if you want to check out the game.

Total War Warhammer II is released, and it comes chock full of dinosaurs! The Lizardmen faction have a whole group of dinosaur themed troops, as well as monstrous dinosaurs to ride into battle with! I’ve created a video with all of these here so you can see for yourself. Great job making these things look ferocious!

Paleo Museum VR is a virtual reality video game set in a museum. You can walk around the museum, on the walls, or even the roof, to check out dinosaur skeletons from all angles. It’s more of a simulator than a game. There’s also artwork on the walls from a paleoartist I’ve gotten to interview in the past, Sergey Krasovskiy. Kind of an educational thing.

Mesozoica announced it is launching on December 23rd, just in time for Christmas. If you need a gift for someone that loves dinosaurs and computer games, you’re in luck this year! This is also a dinosaur park builder video game. Lots of dinosaur park building themed games getting attention lately.

Other News

The dinosaurs of Ixalan are here! Magic the Gathering’s latest expansion brings feathered dinosaurs to the card game. I bought a whole box worth (and then some) and absolutely love every bit of the dinosaur card art so far! Played in a few events too and had a lot of fun.

Rumors have started circling that the first Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie trailer will hit in November! Apparently November before release was when the first Jurassic World trailer hit. Hang onto your butts!

Hasbro is releasing some retro looking Dinobots later this year! All of the originals: Grimlock, Snarl, Slag, Sludge, and Swoop, along with the all new Slash (a raptor-type dinobot). These dinobots are a throwback to the very first dinobot toys release. No release date beyond Fall of 2017, and prices of $9.99 to $29.99 depending on the dinobot. Not long now! Gotta get ’em all!

Like baseball AND dinosaurs? Someone at Sports Illustrated has created a top 10 list of the best dinosaurs for playing baseball. Not sure about the author’s reasoning, but it’s a pretty funny read.

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