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Acheson Creations Heavy Metal miniatures on Kickstarter

Primeval Designs Line Expands Acheson Creations is adding to it’s line of dinosaur miniatures with a new Kickstarter Campaign called Heavy Metal. This isn’t the first Kickstarter campaign by Acheson Creations, so this seems...

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Dinosaur Coins From Around The World

Dinosaur Coins For Gifts And Collecting Alike There are dinosaur┬ácoins coming from countries I’ve never even heard of. It’s been a lesson in geography just researching the topic. Coins can be given as gifts...

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Saurian on Kickstarter

  Saurian’s Open World Dinosaur Survival Game I went on a little binge recently looking for dinosaur video games. Love some dinosaurs, love some video games, so logically a video game with dinosaurs would...