5 Dinosaur Comics For Older Crowds


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Dinosaur Comic Books For Adults

While some comic books like Rexodus and Super Dinosaur are clearly aimed at a younger crowd, not all dinosaur comics are for kids. There are several series of dinosaur comics intended for a more mature audience. These can be more gritty, or have a heavier science fiction influence. There are just so many dinosaur influenced comics that it would be hard to cover in one pass. They start as far back as the golden age (1930-1950), and carry forward to today. We’ll save all those for another day. All of the following are from the modern age (1980s-today) of comics. Whether you are a dinosaur comic collector, or just enjoy the stories, there’s something here for everyone.

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This four part mini-series was written by Stephen Bissette who is famous for his horror works. Tyrant is a comic that focuses on the life cycle of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. A unique approach, and arguably somewhat educational. These comics were released starting back in 1994. The cheapest place I have found them is eBay. You’ll may have to pick them up one at a time though. I didn’t have much luck finding full sets. There are no digital copies available currently. If you plan on collecting them, keep in mind there were multiple runs of this comic.

Xenozoic Tales

This series was first started in 1986 and was written by Mark Schultz. It became popular in the 1990s under an alternate title, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. After mankind was forced underground for hundreds of years, Xenozoic Tales is the story of humans returning to the surface, only to find dinosaurs have reclaimed the planet. Both Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics have printed comics for this series. You can find these comics on eBay as well as Amazon. No sign of digital copies yet.

Age of Reptiles

There are no words in this series of dinosaur comics published back in 2011. Age of Reptiles is a collection of stories about the lives of dinosaurs. There is a comic sequel series called Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians that covers some of the dinosaurs that lived in what is now modern day Egypt. If you’re looking to collect individual comics, eBay is going to be your best bet. If you want the full series in a graphic novel, Amazon has digital and physical editions of Age of Reptiles. Amazon also has physical and digital editions of Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians. Amazon users have given these books 5/5 and 4.5/5 stars respectively.

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens

From Grant Morrison and Barry Sonnenfeld comes this mini-series about a battle for Earth 65 million years ago. When aliens come to exploit the planet’s resources, the current inhabitants of Earth are it’s only hope: The dinosaurs! You can check out my review of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens here. It is an incomplete series from 2012. There was an issue #0 given away for Free Comic Book Day, as well as the full graphic novel. When looking to purchase, be mindful of which you are buying. You can download issue #0 for free from Amazon. The full series is available as a graphic novel in both digital edition and a physical copy. You can also find physical copies on eBay too.


Written by famed comic book author Jim Lawson, this title is similar to Tyrant and Age of Reptiles in that it is a depiction of actual dinosaur life. Paleo is meant to tell stories about the violent and harsh lives of dinosaurs during the cretaceous. Stephen Bisette (Tyrant) helped with this series as well. Amazon offers a graphic novel collection of the series in physical form. You will need to hit eBay if you want to collect the individual comics. Amazon reviewers give 4.3 / 5 stars.

No End To Dinosaur Comics

These are just a few of the more modern dinosaur comic books for adults available. Some are still being published regularly like Devil Dinosaur and Godzilla (if he counts as a dinosaur to you). Recently IDW announced at San Diego Comic Con 2016 that it would be publishing a Jurassic Park series, though taunted readers that the dinosaurs would continue to remain featherless. It just goes to show that no matter how you like your dinosaur comics, there’s something out there for everyone.