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Kickstarter is a great place to lurk. Fresh off the press today is the Ptenodon Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to shoot a short film about being chased by a dinosaur. The gist of the story is that a park worker is sent out to do a repair, only to find out the repair isn’t as simple as he thought. The budget seems pretty modest at $7000 USD. I’m not really into the movie filming scene, so if you are, feel free to leave some insight in the comments below. A $30 pledge will get you a copy of the film, and it’s set to be delivered September 2016. That’s just four short months away. Looks like they even got one of those original Jurassic Park Ford Explorers. I think the coolest part about this is to see a microcosm of the Jurassic World setting. Every day was no doubt an adventure for even the maintenance staff in Jurassic World.

So I have no idea what a Ptenodon is. A bit of Googling makes it look like an internet meme kind of thing. The movie trailer gives the film a serious and suspenseful appearance. At least, that’s what I got from it. This doesn’t seem like a Shaun of the Dead type survival film. The group lists a link to their YouTube channel through the campaign page. You can check out some of their work before you decide to pledge. I also confirmed that it will be filmed in English. Some of their other stuff is filmed in other languages, so I wanted to be sure. I haven’t pledged yet, but I do have set it to remind me. This is something pretty unique. I’ve cruised Kickstarter off and on for years and haven’t run across a dinosaur film yet. How awesome would a library of dinosaur short films be? Just hop in somewhere and start streaming. Guess we’ll find out how much $7000 USD will get us.

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