Monthly Dinosaur Update #6


Some really amazing stuff on Kickstarter this month. I say that almost every month, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Seeing the things that people create involving dinosaurs is really inspiring to me. Makes me want to create something too.

Dinosaurs on silk is creating clothing accessories (scarves, ties, etc) printed on Victorian style dinosaur patterned silk! The artist has drawn what she calls a parody on William Morris’ Strawberry Theif, using all the dinosaurs she could. Pledges start at $35, and the campaign has already passed the funding goal! A great gift for guy or gal dinosaur accessorizers!

A tiny Brontosaurus skeleton kit is up for funding. The campaign involves other creatures too, but the Bronto is the only dinosaur. You can get a brontosaurs mini skeleton for just $8. These little models fit in the palm of your hand when they are assembled, they’re that small. If you don’t want to assemble something that small, there are higher pledge tiers. This project has already exceeded it’s goal six times over. There are also other tiny dinosaur kits available from the creator’s website including Tyrannosaurs Rex and Stegosaurus.

Dinosaurs of the wild West is an art book with just what you’d expect inside: Cowboys and Dinosaurs. The artist is Shaun Keenan, and I actually found some of this artists work on twitter several months ago. He has compiled this work into a book with some incredible images. The art is in black and white for that vintage look. The project has already exceeded it’s goal too, so success is guaranteed! E-Book version pledges start at $20 USD.

Primordial Profiles is a campaign for precious metal statues of dinosaur skeletons! Talk about an amazing gift for the dinosaur lover in your life. Be prepared though, precious metals aren’t precious because they’re cheap. If I had the money for one of these, I would be all over this campaign. The campaign has long since passed it’s goal. Pledges start at $20 for plastic printed skulls, and metal rewards start at $25. There are A LOT of options and sizes, so read carefully. If you scroll to the very bottom of the campaign page, there are size cards for each animal that show you sizes for each reward.

Tabletop Gaming

If you’re following on Twitter, then you’ve seen me fawning over the new dinosaur expansion for Magic this past week. Ixalan launches at the end of the month, and there is a ton of amazing art to see on the cards. I’ve pre-ordered an entire booster box, so I’ll definitely have some pictures coming. Maybe a box opening video if I can figure out my GoPro. I’ve also found a veteran Magic player and she’s agreed to help answer questions about Magic and the Ixalan expansion so I can create some good resources for people who want to check out the game. I’m also going to try doing a few events involving Ixalan as well.

Video Games

Finally, after years of early access, ARK: Survival evolved officially launched. The hugely popular dinosaur survival game hits the 1.0 mark with loads of dinosaurs to tame and infinite options for designing and building your base. With one expansion already under it’s belt, Ark 1.0 now has another expansion announced too.

Arguably the biggest announcement has been Jurassic World Evolution. A dinosaur park management game using the Jurassic World license. You’ll get your shot to manage your very own Jurassic World theme park in 2018. This includes building attractions and creating new dinosaur breeds. No release date yet, just a teaser trailer so far.

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