Monthly Dinosaur NewsBites #5


Tapletop and Video Games

The biggest news, at least for gaming, is Saurian. The scientifically accurate dinosaur simulator finally released and is out now for PC on Steam. For $19.99 you too can experience Hell Creek circa 65 million years ago. You can only play as a Dakotaraptor right now, but Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex are all coming.

I came across a dinosaur survival shooter called Dinosis. It released July 7th for $4.99 on PC. I haven’t tried it yet, but that price it’s probably just a matter of time.

I also spotted a tabletop dinosaur game in the wild. Raptor is a two player game of raptors versus scientists on an island. It retails for $34.99 and is out now. The initial release was last year, but I just ran across it.

For those playing the newly released game Fortnite, have you noticed any dinosaur references? I found a couple and will be on the lookout for more. Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve found so far. Let me know if you find anymore!

Crowd Funding

Not much in the way of crowdfunding this month:

  • Pastel Dinogami Pins – Pastel pins in the shape of origami dinosaurs. This one already ended, and was successfully funded. You can still follow along with the project and pick one up in the future.
  • 3D Dinosaur playing cards – Dinosaur poker? Blackjack? Whatever your card game of choice is, you can add a little dinosaur flavor to it. Now we just need dinosaur poker chips.
  • Edible Chocolate dinosaur – A mold to create a Tyrannosaurus Rex chocolate skeleton! I backed this one early, and can’t wait to try it out. PICTURES INCOMING!?


I also found a new podcast about Jurassic Park. See Jurassic Right is about real people’s memories and experiences with the Jurassic Park franchise. Give it a listen if you’re looking for something new, or just want that dinosaur fix. You can even call in and share your own thoughts, and maybe get featured on the podcast too.

I’ve got a couple of interesting articles out this month. The first is about why a Jurassic Park reboot could be a good thing. With all the reboots out there, I think this franchise would do well to follow along. The second article is about how businesses and dinosaurs mix successfully. There are a few businesses making dinosaurs work for them.

It was a light month for dinosaurs as you can tell. Calm before the storm?

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