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I’m starting a database of dinosaur themed video games. There will be a second list of games with dinosaurs (Horizon Zero Dawn, Total War: Warhammer II, etc). These are games specifically focused on dinosaurs, and available on PC though some may also be available on consoles as well. I’m also focusing on more modern ones that you can play and enjoy today, and not every game ever made.

Name Synopsis Release Status Year Category
Ark: Survival Evolved  You start on a beach with nothing, and must forge weapons and a home from sticks and shrubs. The world is filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that can be helpful, or dangerous. You progress from twigs and leaves to high tech metals and weaponry. Explore several massive maps, all while trying to survive. Full Release 2017 Survival
Dinosis Survival  Survive as you try to discover the mystery behind your plane crash, and the dinosaur infested world you find yourself in. Full Release 2017 Adventure
Rex: Another Island  Open world platformer where you explore the island as a Tyrannosaurus. Retro graphics. Full Release 2017 Platformer
The Archotek Project  A survival game where YOU play as the dinosaur! Stylized graphics may make it more accessible to older machines. Early Access 2017 Simulation
Prehistoric Kingdom  Build your own dinosaur themepark. Early Access 2017 Park Builder
Mesozoica  Build your own dinosaur themepark. Early Access 2017 Park Builder
Robinson: The Journey  You crashland on a planet that you were told was a paradise. Instead, it is inhabited by dinosaurs! Full Release 2017 Adventure
Dinosaur Forest  Level based shooter where you fight dinosaurs. Full Release 2017 Shooter
Saurian  Survival game where you play as the dinosaur. Emphasis on scientific accuracy, making it pretty educational. Early Access 2017 Survival
Dinosaur Hunt: First Blood  Level based shooter where you fight dinosaurs. Full Release 2017 Shooter
DinosaurIsland  Part shooter, part survival game. Battle dinosaurs and other creatures usine a wide array of SciFi weaponry. Full Release 2017 Shooter
Collision Course  Travel back 70 million years and battle dinosaurs, droids and nature as you try to repair your spaceship. Early Access 2017 Adventure
Jungle Dino VR  Go back to the time of the dinosaurs only as an observer. Watch their day to day activities in virtual reality. Full Release 2017 Adventure
Dinocide  A platformer where you play as a caveman in the world of dinosaurs. Retro graphics. Full Release 2017 Platformer
Island 359  You fight against dinosaurs in several different game modes. Early Access 2016 Shooter
Raptor Valley  You wake up with only a flashlight. You must survive the night in Raptor Valley. A dinosaur horror experience in VR. Full Release 2016 Adventure
Dashing Dinos  You and your friends battle as dinosaurs in this multiplayer party game. Full Release 2016 Party
Day D Tower Rush  Battle hordes of dinosaurs as a professor in this tower defense game. Full Release 2016 Tower Defense
Jurassic Survival  A survival game where players must find a way to coexist with dinosaurs. Full Release 2016 Survival
Primal Carnage Onslaught  Guns versus tooth and claw in this shooter, battle dinosaurs in VR! Early Access 2016 VR
Dino Fense  As dinosaurs, you must defend your village against the encroaching mammals. Full Release 2016 VR
The Isle  A survival game where YOU play as the dinosaur. Early Access 2015 Simulation
Guardians of Orion  Blast through dinosaur hordes in this Sci-Fi shooter. Full Release 2017 Adventure
Primal Carnage Extinction  Multiplayer shooter of humans versus dinosuars. Full Release 2015 Shooter
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn  Hunting simulator where your prey are different dinosaurs. Full Release 2015 Shooter
Dinosaur Hunt  Action shooter where you battle dinosaurs. Full Release 2015 Shooter
Tabletop Simulator  Play tabletop games on your PC. Several dinosaur games are available, with an ever growing catalog. Full Release 2015 Tabletop Games
Lego Jurassic World  Classic lego gameplay set during the Jurassic World movie. Very casual and beginner friendly. Full Release 2015 Lego
Dinosystem  Survive as a caveman in the time of the dinosaurs. Full Release 2015 Survival
The Hunter Primal  Survival game where you are stranded on another planet that is filled with dinosaurs. Full Release 2015 Hunting
Jurassic Island: The Dinosaur Zoo  Build your own dinosaur themepark. Full Release 2015 Park Builder
Orion Prelude  Multiplayer shooter of humans versus dinosuars. Full Release 2013 Shooter
Dino D-Day  WW2 multiplayer shooter where both Axis and Allies use dinosaurs as weapons. Humans and dinosaurs on both sides. Full Release 2013 Shooter
Jurassic Park: The Game  Storytelling takes precedence over fast and furious gameplay. An original Jurassic Park story. Full Release 2011 Adventure

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