Missed Opportunity For Dinosaur Comic

planet of the dinosaurs

21 Pulp and Planet of the Dinosaurs

I like to check Kickstarter now and then for dinosaur projects. So i’m cruising through and find a Kickstarter project for an up-and-coming comic book publisher called 21 Pulp. They were using the Kickstarter to launch a new comic series called Planet of the Dinosaurs. They offered an impressive variety of pledges. Everything from 1st issue digital copy, to a T-Shirt with awesome vintage 50s sci-fi artwork, to putting you into one of their comics! Your character would be offered as a victim to the Planet of the Dinosaurs!

How much cooler can you get than a planet full of dinosaurs that just keeps taking down whatever lands on it? Dinosaurs are truly the apex predator of the universe! The artwork had the current planet explorers in the classic fishbowl space helmets with the tiny Flash Gordon ray guns. I thought it was pretty well done. I went ahead and bought the full series 1-4 in digital form. If I had the money at the time, I’d have upped my pledge to get the T-shirt. I really like that art.

Left Wanting More

Sadly a week or so later I got a notice that the campaign had been cancelled by 21 Pulp. I had kind of thought they wouldn’t wouldn’t make it. Not even $1,000 had been raised of the $34,000 goal. I still wanted to do my part to spread dinosaur culture. I’m also really eager to read a good dinosaur coming. I’ve run across Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, but only have the Free Comic Book Day issue, which is a few pages, and loads of artwork to die for. I’m hoping 21 Pulp will fund Planet of the Dinosaurs through some other means. I’ll be keeping an eye out.

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