Maximum Security Guide For Dinosaur Enclosures

Tips To Prepare For Carnivores in Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution is a phenomenal game. Frontier Developments sent me a key to showcase the game on launch day, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Throughout over 40 hours of gamepay, I’ve crushed the first four islands into five star oblivion! There were some visitor casualties along the way, and that’s what I want to talk to you about today. While loose herbivores are a danger in their own right, loose carnivores are a nightmare. Not only are they profit smashing killing machines, they are insanely hard to recapture too. What follows are a few strategies that can help keep your beloved carnivores on the right side of the fences!

The smaller carnivores have a pack mentality. Your mini carnivores will want a friend or five. To keep things from getting too expensive, use the stock genome for your first carnivore. You can gradually increase as you release more, and/or have more money. This actually leads to another tip, be prepared to hatch multiple carnivores. Again, this mainly applies to the little meat eaters. You probably don’t want to release your carnivore until you have at least two viable embryos ready. If you take the right upgrades you can unlock more slots, but at least two will help balance out their social needs until you can get a third one ready.

Layout is a big part of keeping your carnivores in check. Build your ACU station close to your carnivore paddock. This way the helicopter will be nearby when a velociraptor storms into the crowds of visitors. You’ll be able to react quickly to the incident, instead of letting the raptor feed on your bottom line while your helicopter is flying slowly from halfway across the island. Think long-term as well, as to where you might place other carnivore paddocks. Keep all of your carnivore paddocks within easy reach of your ACU helicopters.

Once you’ve decided on the proximity of your ACU to your carnivore enclosures, the next step is easy. Do nothing. Don’t start any other projects while you’re preparing enclosures for carnivores. You want to completely focus on your carnivores. You may need more fencing than you though, more powerlines, or even more carnivores hatching. It’s an expensive process if you want to do it safely, so keep other park facilities and expansions on the back burner until you’re finished building your little slice of meat-eater heaven.

Before you release your little hellions into the pseudo-wild, you’ll want their enclosure to have all the creature comforts. Make sure you have multiple meat feeders, as well as multiple live bait feeders. Multiple meat feeders will ensure that your carnivores will have alternatives when one feeder runs out. The live bait feeders will help keep your murder birds focused on food, instead of testing the fences. Have a little bit of water and a little bit of forest ahead of time as well. You’ll likely need to adjust the forest a little, so it’s better than starting from scratch.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, sabotage is a @!%$#. No matter which Division you pick, the other two are bound to get jealous and start ruining your day. The last thing you need is for the electric fences of your carnivore cage to go down. See the movie Jurassic Park for details. I built an entire extra power station, but depending on the island you are on, this may or may not be a viable solution. What you can also do is connect multiple power grids. You don’t want just one set of power lines from one power station connecting to your electric fences. Interconnect the lines from different stations, so that if one station goes out, any extra power from another station will automatically step in to help. I recommend you do this throughout the island, it’ll help with more than just your carnivore pens.

Now you’re ready. Get into the game and start managing your island, you have the knowledge you need to succeed! Jurassic World Evolution has some astounding carnivores for you and your visitors to enjoy. These meat eaters are a big visitor draw, and bring in tons of money. They help with both your finances and ratings. From dilophosaurus to tyrannosaurus, carnivores are high maintenance dinosaurs to care for in Jurassic World Evolution. Build the fences high, keep the power on, and be ready to manage any catastrophe. If you build it, they will come! If you don’t build it right, so will the lawsuits.

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