Jurassic Park Franchise Now Streaming On Netflix


Dinosaur Movies Eating Up Your Bandwidth

As of June 1, 2016, the entire Jurassic Park original trilogy is available on Netflix’s streaming service. No word on how long they’ll be available. These movies hold up pretty well, considering the original Jurassic Park was back in 1993. The Lost World followed four years later in 1997. Finally, closing out the trilogy in just under a decade was Jurassic Park III in 2001. Most people I have talked to rank their order of favorites as #1, then #2, and not #3 at all. I think they were all good, though admittedly Jurassic Park III was not my favorite. I just enjoyed seeing Alan Grant again (Sam Neil). Here’s hoping he’ll make an appearance at some point in this next trilogy of movies.

It’s incredible to imagine that there are new people every day watching this series for the first time. For the Netflix subscription price of $9.99, you can watch all three Jurassic Park movies cheaper than renting them. No late fees or having to turn them back in either, they’re yours for as long as you keep your subscription. Then, if you’re still looking for more dinosaur zoos gone wild, you can check out Ptenodon on Kickstarter. They’re trying to make a tiny little slice of a Jurassic Park type story in a short film. It’s not ready to watch today, but something cool to look forward to maybe.