Funko’s Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Indoraptor Pop


Disappointment Funko Pop Indoraptor Review

I’m not a big Funko Pop fan. It’s purely a subject complaint, I just generally don’t like the art style. I have no problem with the products themselves, I collect things too so I understand the draw. There are a few Pops though that have caught my eye. The Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Indoraptor Pop was one of them. The dark body with an eye popping (pun intended) bright yellow streak, and a pose that stands out in a crowd made it just different enough for me. The instant I saw it, I pre-ordered it on Amazon months early. Once I got it, I was ready to rip into my first Funko Pop box. Once I ripped into it, I wanted to put it back.

The Indoraptor’s Cage (Box)

I know a lot of people collect Funko Pops and leave them in the box. Some even have those fancy box protectors. I wish I’d had one of those box protectors, because without going into details, my Funko Pop Indoraptor ended up in my dog’s water dish. There may have been a cat involved. Luckily I wanted adorn my computer desk with an Indoraptor, in celebration of the festive dino season brought on by the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie release. No big deal, just understand that the box pictures are limited. It was your standard fare Funko Pop box, no complaints. I think Funko puts some nice packaging on their pops. (Say that five times fast) Most importantly, the Indoraptor inside was not harmed.

Indoraptor Quality

As I mentioned above, the coloring is a big part of what I liked about the Funko Pop Indoraptor. When I got it out of the box, I was a little disappointed. The colors were mostly nice, with a few understandable painting imperfections here and there, but that beautiful yellow stripe on this Indoraptor wasn’t so beautiful. It was a really, really thin layer of yellow paint. Nothing like the bright yellow stripe depicted on the marketing photos. Imagine painting over something black, using white paint. You can see the black through the white paint unless you apply many, many layers. There was only one thin layer of yellow on my charcoal grey Indoraptor, and it looked abysmal. The pink spots on the stripe were equally abysmal. A dark pastel color is the best way I can describe it, and no eyes will pop upon inspection. I was pretty disappointed.

There were some minor mold lines, other minor paint imperfections, and some gaps in the mouth were the head pieces meet. I did some reading online and found that these were common problems, so I don’t really mind. While these aren’t desirable, I understand I didn’t order a sculpture from Michaelangelo, I ordered a chunks of plastic with some paint on it from a mass market commercial entity. I get it, they seriously don’t bother me.

The yellow stripe does bother me though. I checked into the website and found they do replace defective merchandise, but there is a warning up front that they don’t consider minor imperfections as defective. As a first time customer with a purchase like this, I honestly don’t know what to expect. I’ve ordered older special editions of Pops from eBay before, but never a standard one like this from the store. I decided to take a pass, but I regret it.

Dino Funko Pops In The Future

This experience hasn’t soured me completely on Funko Pops. If I keep it in the shadow of a monitor, I never notice the faded stripe. My Indoraptor still looks pseudo-fierce! If I had left it in the box, it probably wouldn’t be that noticeable. Which brings me to some advice. If you’re going to leave it in the box, then order away online. If you’re going to take it out of the box to display, then make a trip to the store. I am interested in the Jurassic World Stygimoloch after seeing one in the movie, but I am going to try finding it in a store. That way I can get a good look at multiple Pops and better learn what to expect from Funko in terms of quality control. I’ve had trouble finding Jurassic World Funko Pops in stores though, so I may have to roll the dice and order it online again. Though I’ll probably leave it in the box, and keep it away from the dog dish. And cats. Well, at least the dog dish.