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Dinosaur Gift Shopping For Men and Women

A lot of places don’t really have niche stores where you can find the perfect gift in a specific genre. Much less the perfect gift for a dinosaur enthusiast. You can buy lame plastic dinosaur gag gifts anywhere, and the latest Jurassic franchise is already probably in every dinosaur enthusiast’s library. Avoid the usual shopping pitfalls, and check out these four websites below. I’ve put them in the order of how unique a gift you can find, although the last two could go either way. Maybe you just want something for a secret Santa, or maybe it’s for that special man or woman in your life. One big caveat is that it may not be as easy as ordering it, and getting it 3-5 days later in the mail. Some of these may take some time and planning, but you will absolutely have a unique, special dinosaur gift that you couldn’t get at the mall.

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Dinosaur Jewelry

Tons of dinosaur jewelry on Amazon.


So this one may seem like a cop out, but if you’re looking for dinosaur gifts for women, this is actually a really good starting point. A lot of people don’t know that Amazon doesn’t just sell stuff from Amazon. There are lots of people selling their own entire product lines through the Fulfilled By Amazon program. If you search hard enough, you can find some really amazing dinosaur themed gifts. For example, there is a surprising amount of dinosaur jewelry available on Amazon. Rings, necklaces, charms, pendants and bracelets – they have it all. There’s even dinosaur watches and lapel pins. Of course there’s the usual t-shirts and standard apparel, but you have to click really deep into the search results to find the good ones. And sometimes you may actually want a cheap dinosaur gift, in which case Amazon is also great for that too. Since there are at least 400 pages of search results, try searching by department to find something a little more within your time constraints.

women's dinosaur shirtCafe Press

With over 2800 items currently, Cafe Press is another place you can find gifts for adult dinosaur enthusiasts. I was a little hesitant to add this site, but there are a few things that stand out. Again, you’ll have to do some digging so make sure the gift recipient is worth it! Dinosaur greeting cards, pillowcases, throw blankets, and beach towels are some examples of the more unique items available. Cafe Press has the ability to slap a picture on anything. Thermos, drinking glass, and of course even a t-shirt. You can customize these things a step further for yourself too. For example, if you find a t-shirt you like, you can also get it in a golf shirt, long sleeve, baseball jersey, and so on. Maybe you just like a certain picture? You can slap it on a hat, coffee mug, or whatever items they have. Something else I noticed about Cafe Press is that they always have some little sale going on. At the top of the site you can grab various codes for your order. 20% off for father’s day, 30% off apparel. Whatever you’re looking for could be discounted further. Using these codes seems to change the shipping cost, so pay careful attention to your total. It may be cheaper to not use the code unless you’re buying several things.

dinosaur money clipeBay

Another great place to find dinosaur gifts for adults is eBay. While there are a lot of auction listings, there are a huge amount of Buy It Now options too. Still, it’s worth waiting a week for the perfect dinosaur gift. A lot of Chinese companies are putting their stuff on eBay much like the above mentioned Amazon FBA program. This keeps eBay full of a lot of cheap, interesting type dinosaur gifts. If you’re a little specific with your search, you can filter out a lot of the standard dinosaur play toys. The Collectibles section has, in my opinion, given the best results. Real, money, dinosaur coins are minted pretty regularly apparently. There are also dinosaur challenge coins and various other types of collectible coins. There are a fair amount of dinosaur comic books too. Some unique decorative household items and signs are always there, and of course there’s always dinosaur books. Both fiction and yes, there is actually non-fiction dinosaur books. One last tip for eBay, don’t just search once. eBay changes greatly from week to week, even day to day. Depending on how much thought you want to put into your dinosaur gift, check regularly for not only the best price, but the best gift.

accurate dinosaur action figures

Beasts of the Mesozoic, successfully funded


Now we’re getting deep into gift-giving territory here. You’re either a serious gift-giver, or have a serious dinosaur enthusiast in your life. Kickstarter is an absolutely amazing place to find dinosaur gifts for adults. If you want a truly unique dinosaur gift, it doesn’t get better than Kickstarter. The down side is that the gifts are generally delivered several months or more after purchase. Kickstarter helps aspiring entrepreneurs bring their products to market. Since it isn’t affordable for everyone to bring a product to market, individuals become the investor. Campaign projects offer pledge packages, generally with different levels and incentives. If enough people back the project by the deadline, the project gets funded. You get your product when it is ready. If the product does not reach its funding goal, then you do not get charged, or your product. I have backed four successful projects. Kickstarter isn’t without risks. Sometimes there are unforeseen delays, it’s just part of the process. There is also the chance that the project could just disappear. The website has been very successful, funding projects into the millions of dollars. It’s worth a look, even beyond dinosaurs.


dinosaur belt buckle

Metal Tyrannosaur Skull Belt Buckle

This website can be a little expensive, but there’s a good reason why. Everything on Etsy is made by hand. People from around the world create incredible one of a kind products, and sell them on Etsy. With 68,725 search results for dinosaurs, you can search for weeks on Etsy to find unique dinosaur gifts for men or women. Etsy probably has the widest variety of, and most unique, dinosaur gifts anywhere. Neck ties, terrariums, and key racks are just the beginning. Like eBay, Etsy offers protection to its buyers as well. Given the cost, and that it’s handmade, every gift from Etsy will be something that stands out. You won’t find anything like it in a brick and mortar store. If you want something as unique as Kickstarter, but just can’t wait, Etsy is a great place to start looking.

Get Your Dinosaur Shopping Done

One final tip for searching the search engines of the various websites. Search for the term “dinosaur” singular. I have found that some of them are extremely picky, and using “dinosaurs” will not turn up something with just “dinosaur” in the name. Be prepared to wade through a lot of trashy stuff. Dinosaurs have no Intellectual Property rights, meaning literally anyone can slap them on a hat or key chain, and then sell it online. That’s a good thing though. It allows creative individuals to create the diamonds in rough that you eventually run into, and not worry overly much about trademarks and IPs. If you weren’t convinced before, I think you’ll find after some searching just how much of an effect dinosaur culture has on us grown ups. Dinosaurs aren’t just for kids.

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