Fall 2021 Dinosaur Crowdfunding Guide

Kickstarter is the goose that lays the golden egg for dinosaur gifts. Even if those gifts are for you. I’ve gotten video games, dinosaur tabletop miniatures and more. I’ve literally not gotten to all the things I’ve ordered. A tabletop game and dinosaur skeleton chocolate mold are next on the list. I’m a big fan of Kickstarter in general. Not only do you get awesome stuff, but you get to help someone else. And in turn, you’re also bringing dinosaur culture further into the mainstream. And that’s my whole goal with all of this. Fall of 2021 is turning out to be a good season for dinosaurs, and a bad one for my wallet. There are several campaigns going on that I want you to know about so go hide your wallet, then come back and start reading.

Mega Galactic

Dinosaurs in space. That’s all you need to know. I backed this project because I love the whole “Flash Gordon” vintage 1950s vibe. Captain Clutch Remington must save his spacefaring dinosaur race from certain destruction at the hands of another asteroid! It’s got a great art style, stylized but not too cartoony. This is the first of three planned graphic novels. It doesn’t look like it takes itself seriously, so you don’t have to over-analyze anything to have a good read.

Dinosaur Fossil Dice

I’m a tabletop game fan from RPGs to wargaming. Dinosaur fossils captured in crystal clear edged dice are a win for tabletop gamers. These dice look amazing with the fossils trapped in amber imagery. While some of the fossils aren’t dinosaurs, you can still appreciate the project. The only thing that held me from backing the project was the price. The dice were expensive as addons, and I didn’t want the full set. I’d love the option of getting a full set of D6s for example instead of one of each dice. At any rate, I love the project and would love to roll T-Rex eyes on a pair of D6s!

Prehistoria: Era of Ice Cards

A brief mention here because this isn’t strictly a dinosaur Kickstarter per se. One of the rewards is Issue #4 in their Dinosaur Comic series, Prehistoria: Age of Dinosaurs. Additionally, one of the addons is the full collection from their previous Kickstarter. You can get the full story-so-far in this Kickstarter. So I did. I really enjoyed National Geographic-esque approach in T-Rex Generations, and I’m hoping this series is similar.

Prehistoria: Era of Ice Cards Kickstarter here

Monsterpocalypse Board Game

Definitely a great season for tabletop gamers. A Monsterpocalypse board game is now on Kickstarter. It’s completely compatible with the standard tabletop Monsterpocalypse wargame. You essentially get 2 for 1 with this Kickstarter. The models are cheaper and come preassembled. As I mentioned previously, there is an entire faction dedicated to dinosaurs called the Terrasaurs, as well as some cyber-copies (Terra Kahn & Cyber Kahn). Future unlocks may reveal “ultimate” forms or who more supporting units. These are all available through this campaign. This is another one I might have to dig into. There will also be an “all in” pledge if you want to get everything in the Monsterpocalypse world for a ridiculously low price.

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