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I was riding home from the grocery store today when I saw a few buzzards picking over some roadkill. Gruesome, I know, but I instantly thought to myself, “There’s a bunch of dinosaurs eating that carcass.” Over 65 million years, and they’re still here. There’s a lot of small-but-huge facts about dinosaurs that people consistently get wrong. Mass extinction, birds, and so on. It kind of inspired me to create the above artwork/meme/info graphic. So if you have a friend who loves Jurassic Park, and/or still thinks some scientist is gonna crank out baby dinos any day now, show them this message. Give ’em a little push to learn more about dinosaurs.

Absence Excuse

Yes, I now it’s been almost six months. I tend to bite off more than I can chew quite often. I’m doing quite a lot right now with my free time outside of a full time job. Maybe a poor excuse, but it’s the truth. The hosting for the site has been paid for another year, so hopefully money will be a motivating factor. I have stayed moderately active over on Twitter though, so I’ve kept hope alive and aware of current events. I’m also up to date on all the YouTube channel comments. There are some passionate dinosaur lovers over on YouTube, and they stay up on the comments too apparently. I do have some plans for my little project here going forward. I want to do more YouTube videos, and a little streaming of dinosaur video games over on Twitch. I’d also like to do more content articles here on the website, which includes the popular crowd funding reports.

Bottom line is, I was a little quiet, but I was here if you were paying attention. My goal is to be more obvious in the future, so come find me and say hello!

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