Dinosaurs Join the Monsterpocalypse!


Have you ever wanted to trash a big city with a giant dinosaur? I know the answer is yes, but I’ll pretend anyway. My lifelong love of Godzilla and dinosaurs have brought my attention to this game. I’m also a fan of Privateer Press, and have played their other games (Warmachine / Hordes) for many years. Late in 2018, Privateer Press released Monsterpocalypse, a tabletop game where factions of giant monsters, robots, and now dinosaurs, battle across cityscapes destroying buildings and each other. This faction of dinosaurs, called Terrasaurs, have rallied to Earth’s Defense! Mostly.

Monsterpocalypse plays just like your favorite kaiju flick. You set up a city map game board, place down buildings (which have effects on the game while standing, and when you destroy them!), then you and your opponent get to brawlin’. You can do battle with a team of one, two, or three monsters! Your monsters aren’t the only pieces on the board though, you also have some supporting units. These can be little monsters in the case of Terrasaurs, or military tanks and planes from their Earthling allies. You can pick and choose based on your monsters of choice. Each monster and unit have different abilities, so you can account for your strengths and weaknesses.

So what are Terrasaurs, exactly? Privateer Press calls them “Magnificent Mesozoic Meyhem”! (I like that they start off your experience with a little educational tidbit.) They are dinosaurs that emerged from a remote, isolated place in the rainforests of South America. All the commotion from Earth’s invaders led them out of their comfort zone, and into the land of skyscrapers and Starbucks. Terrasaurs battle with the ‘Protectors’ agenda, which are the defenders of Earth. The Terrasaurs are good guys, but with a penchant for overkill. Think of the hero in the Hanckock movie. That’s your basic Terrasaur ideology. Justice, with a side of wrecking ball.

To get into Monsterpocalypse, you’re looking at around $49.99 MSRP for a starter kit. You can find these kits in your friendly local game store (FLGS) or online retailers. It does not come with a Terrasaur, but once you know you enjoy the game itself, an additional $27.99 MSRP will bring home a Terrasaur monster mini. If you don’t like the game, there’s always eBay. Everything in the starter box is useful, including the support units which will work with your Terrasaur of choice. Worth noting is that Monsterpocalypse is a hobby miniature game, meaning these miniatures come unassembled and unpainted. Some pictures below will give you an idea of what the models look like out of the package. It’s not complex at all, and anyone can do this in less than 30 minutes. A drop or two of super glue is all you need, and something as simple as a one-color base coat from a spray paint can will finish things off. I totally, totally recommend painting your miniatures. You will appreciate them so much more, even with a single color.

There are currently limited options for Terrasaur monster miniatures right now. Each monster offers a different style of play, with different powers and abilities. Monsterpocalypse isn’t even six months old yet, and more Terrasaur monsters will doubtless come as the game development continues. No doubt more supporting Terrasaur units and buildings (which we’ll get to in just a minute) are on the way as well.

Terra Khan was the first monster released, a Christmas gift from Privateer press in December of 2018. Terra Kahn is the figurehead of our heroic band of dino-terrasaur heroes. He is a Godzilla-esque tyrannosaur-shaped monster, equipped with a powerful roar, a tail that can send other monsters flying (with or without wings), and a stomp that can cause earthquakes. Terra Kahn also apparently has a little affinity for us Earth folk. He’s been noted trying to avoid stomping on the little people.

Our next hero is not quite here yet, but slated to arrive in spring 2019. Armodax is a giant Ankylosaurus that stomps around on two legs. He has armored plates (scutes) as you’d expect from any respectable Ankylosaur descendant, and the club tail is obviously his ability to watch for. Unlike his Terrasaur compatriot, Armodax loves him some destruction. He doesn’t mind demolishing a building or two if it’ll help take down his enemies, much to the chagrin of the Earth’s defense forces.

Let’s not forget our support cast of Terrasaur units. There are a variety of muto-dinos that might be a lot smaller than Terra Kahn or Armodax, but they still have an important role to play in defending Earth. They’re more actual dinosaur-sized beasts. Carnidons look like baby Terra Kahns, fitting the theropod mold. Carnidons favor up-close and personal attacks. Clearly they didn’t get their arms from the Rex line of carnivores. Appropriately a baby Kentrosaurus looking monster called a Spikodon is also included in this unit. It launches it’s spikes at enemies from afar, and really wows your opponent with a sweet battle pose.

Last, but not least, the Raptix give off that Raptor vibe. They have kind of a cool ability in that they can apparently jump up and mangle airborne enemies. They are joined by a Brontox, which is very resistant to basic attacks. It plays more of a support role in expanding and guarding your nests. The Brontox screams more bug than dinosaur to me, and the sculpt is my least favorite.

Also worth some hype is the upcoming addition of Mount Terra, the first Terrasaur-specific building in Monsterpocalypse. Releasing also in spring 2019, it’s a giant-sized hatchery (remember the Brontox from earlier?) for your Terrasaurs. Will you protect your nest? Or let some alien invader defile it?

That’s your overview of Terrasaurs, and Monsterpocalypse in general. I’m a big fan of tabletop games, as well as Godzilla movies, so I’m looking at diving into Monsterpocalypse myself. Trying to convince some friends and/or family to join me. Hopefully the upcoming Godzilla movie will bring create a little more incentive. Privateer Press puts out some amazing sculpts for its games, so I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Terrasaur faction in the future. I think I’d like to see a four-legged monster next. What would you like to see? Post it in the comments below! If I bring down the tabletop thunder, I’ll be sure and post updates and pictures! Until then, have a smashing time in Monsterpocalypse!