Dinosaur NewsBITES #3

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Welcome to the monthly dinosaur pop culture report! It’s been a really full month with some awesome crowd funding projects, an amazing dinosaur shirt that someone tweeted to me, and a some really remarkable scientific discoveries that were announced. Along with the usual dinosaur art and game staples, May 2017 was a good month for dinosaur lovers.


A lot has gone on with dinosaurs in the crowd funding world. First up is Unearthed, a graphic novel that takes place deep within the Earth! Dinosaurs and aliens run amok, along with fantastical monsters and some vintage-looking sci-fi characters. Unearthed is done by Mitch Byrd, and is set to release in August 2017. It has the old Captain Nemo movies vibe from the 80s, and is definitely marked for mature audiences only. It managed to reach it’s goal, so you have something to look forward to down the road.

Fancy a little art? Ken Kokoska has funded Primeval Kings, a book of his dinosaur art and sketches inspired by the #inktober and #dinovember Twitter campaigns of 2016. The campaign also met its goals so now we can sit back and wait for the magic to happen!

Another successful Kickstarter campaign for wearable dinosaur pins finished as well. Paleopins is the next in a series of successful campaigns for enamel pins. There is one dinosaur (Carnotaurus) available, with more that were unlocked via stretch goals. The pins have a nice, stylized look to them. Go check ’em out! There are more dinosaur pins available on their website from previous campaigns, and these will no doubt be added eventually too.

One of the more unique Kickstarter campaigns I’ve seen is the Allosaurus skull magnifying glass. It’s a metal Allosaurus skull that opens to reveal a small magnifying glass, all on a keychain. The whole product looks really nice, and would make a great gift for those hard to buy for dinosaur lovers. This one is still available for funding, if you’re so inclined.

Dinosaur Products

If you’re here you like dinosaurs, and of course you like tacos because who doesn’t? A triceratops taco holder is available! A bit expensive, but at least it holds two.

Came across some dinosaur bone embedded records. As in vinyl records that are sand filled with dino bone embedded. This is one of those I don’t know how or why, you just gotta look for yourself things. Sold out right now, but i’m sure if you demand more, they’ll make more.

If you like Marvel movies, you’re gonna love this. A dinosaur superhero t-shirt modeled after the Avengers! This ‘Raptor Squad’ shirt is available on Amazon from Fox Republic T-shirts for men and women. I hope they do a DC comics version, I’m more of a Superman/Batman fan myself. I totally want this shirt. You can use this link or the picture below to buy for yourself and send the site a small commission as well!

Scientific Discoveries

Remember Zuul from Ghostbusters? A Canadian company found a mummified dinosaur that looks like the evil dog-gatekeeper! The dinosaur was even named after Zuul! It’s a pretty great pop-culture reference, and an incredible scientific discovery. It was one of the best – if not the best – preserved dinosaur ever found. Even its stomach contents were preserved! Some great pictures of Dan Akroyd posing with a skull out there too.

One of my absolute favorite scientific discoveries about dinosaurs was made recently. Scientists have determined that dinosaurs almost survived! A mere matter of minutes would have altered pre-history forever! There is a BBC special that outlines this, but being in the US I haven’t found it yet. If you’ve found it, let me know how it was!


Apparently there is a new theme park open in the UK that is trying to be a modern day Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs in the Wild has two locations, and tries to recreate a Jurassic Park type experience. The website is a little short on details, but you can go see for yourself here. Kinda looks like they’re using a lot of computer generated stuff, but some of it definitely is not. I’d go if I lived in the UK, but I don’t. So if you DO go, send me some pictures!

Probably the craziest news I came across to date is the Dinosaur Civil War exhibit. The exhibit is about how the south would have won the American Civil War if they had dinosaurs on their side. Don’t ask me why or how, just look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

Be sure to check out my Dinosaur Conspiracy theories post! It was inspired by an episode of Ancient Aliens. I cherry-picked some of the more ‘believable’ theories to talk about. Probably the most fun post to write so far.

Saw this on Reddit and thought it was worth sharing. Reddit user Kingdomofspiders sculpted an Indominus Rex hatchling! It’s made from sculpey, and looks incredible! He also has done other dinosaur hatchlings, and i’ll be posting pictures of those, and more of the Indominus hatchling in the video edition of NewsBites on YouTube. You can check out his etsy shop, he does custom orders sometimes.

A new T Rex coin is available from the Perth mint in Australia as of May 2017. For just $335 USD it can be yours! If you find yourself on the island nation of Tuvalu, it’s legal tender worth $5 too. Probably worth more as a collector’s item i’d guess.

Remember those choose your own adventure books? Well someone is creating choose your own adventure stories on YouTube involving dinosaurs! The current series is called Terra Sauria, and is set in a post-apocalyptic world full of dinosaurs. As the story progresses, you get to choose where the story goes. If you fail, you can go back to the last decision, or start all over!

Dinosaur Gaming

Interested in World War 2 history? Dinosaurs? Video games? Well if 1+1+1=3 to you, then check out the game Dino D-Day on BundleStars.com. They’re having a sale where you can pick up the first person shooter and play as a soldier, or a dinosaur! It’s just $1.99 for the bundle that includes Dino D-Day as well as lots of other games. You get to pick five games to go along with it.

Ever wanted to build your own dinosaur zoo? Prehistoric Kingdom is trying to get into the Steam green light program! If enough players show interest, Steam could help the game get started. You can go show your support and boost it’s rating for Steam greenlight here.

Mesozoica is another upcoming indie dinosaur game where you build your own dinosaur theme park/zoo. They’re recently released a free demo for the game. You can check out for yourself kinda where they’re headed with the game’s direction.

If you play Dungeons and Dragons, you’re in for a treat. A new survival based adventure is out in a dinosaur filled setting! Struggle in Three Horn Valley is available now from P.B. Publishing. Pen and paper RPG players rejoice!

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