Dinosaur NewsBITES #2

Bringing Dinosaur Culture To The Masses

Another monthly dinosaur pop culture news digest. News bites are things I run across that are unique or interesting, from physical items to interesting articles. This month there is a particularly heavy focus on dinosaur fiction. If you have anything to add drop it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter. I’m looking for dinosaur news geared towards adults, not so much the kiddos who already have more than their fair share of dino-entertainment sources. As always, assume any link usage helps the site with a small commission.

Dinosaur Politics

A few articles were published recently that share an incredible statistic: both liberal and conservatives agree on dinosaurs. In such a divisive time, this is the kind of message we need to focus on for science.

Dinosaur Gaming News

I did an interview with the CEO of Crescent Moon games about their upcoming PC and Mobile game, Morphite. You can check it out here!

Bundle Stars has a sale on a bundle of VR games. One of them is called King Kaiju, where you stomp across the city wrecking havoc! One of the coolest parts of the video is where a car is tossed into a helicopter! It does require VR, which is expensive, but the game comes in a bundle with 9 other VR games for just $4.99!

The Archoteck Project arrived on Steam this past week. It’s very similar to The Isle in gameplay, if you’ve seen that game before. You choose a dinosaur and try to survive in a world with other dinosaurs. You can check out my first playthrough below.

Dinosaur Fiction

A reddit user got their book published and up on Amazon recently. You can check out the digital version of Primitive War for $5, or free if you have the Kindle Unlimited service. The author has even posted some sample chapters to check out for free if you’re interested. Lots of dinosaur fiction getting written lately!

Following along with the dinosaur fiction theme, another Reddit user shared a link to a dinosaur fiction website. Prehistoric Pulp has lots of reviews and info about books, comics, and so on with dinosaurs. It is a little dated, but there’s still some good information on it if you have questions about pre-2016 stuff.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth has been released on Blu-Ray. It’s an old, old movie that came out in 1970! It’s labeled as a British horror film, surprisingly. A few NSFW scenes in it too apparently, so don’t buy it for family night. Just under $16 on Amazon, less for the DVD.

Saw an article about an upcoming animated Godzilla movie. Netflix is producing Godzilla Monster Planet. There’s a trailer out, but it’s in Japanese. You can see some of the artwork though. Hope it comes out in English without subtitles!

I got a random email from Comixology recently. In case you don’t know, Comixology is an Amazon company that does digital comic books. It’s offering a new subscription service for $5.99 that gets you unlimited viewing of certain comics. Among those are Godzilla, Turok, and Jurassic Park that I could find right off the bat. There’s a free trial you can check out too. Just make sure to look for the Unlimited banner across your comics. At the very least $5.99 is a decent price to take on a trip with you somewhere or just to read through some graphic novels.

Miscellaneous Dino News

Paleontologist Andrew Farke loves his beer. In fact, he blogs about his combined passion of paleontology and craft brewing! You can find some interesting stuff over at andybrews.com to satisfy the craft brewer in you.

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