Dinosaur NewsBITES #1


Bringing Dinosaur Culture To The Masses

I’ll be putting together a digest of pop culture dinosaur news. Things I run across that are unique or interesting, from physical items to interesting articles. Weekly? Monthly? Time will tell. If you have anything to add, drop it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter. And no, none of this is an April Fools joke. I’m not prepared enough to do anything like that.

Crowd Funding Findings

There’s a little bit of everything available in the realm of crowd funding. Books, games, t-shirts and more. You can check out the most recent crowd funding report for all the details. The t-shirt is a really short campaign, so click on over if you’re interested in a dinosaur t-shirt at a pretty cheap price. It ends pretty soon.

I have a few updates for funded projects that I’m participating in. Beasts of the Mesozoic is running a couple months behind schedule, so there has been an official notice of delay. Saurian is also running behind, and has been delayed a month or two as well. Delays are pretty common, so not a big deal. The Save Mongolia’s Dinosaurs mobile museum project reward (t-shirt) was delivered, and awesome! They’re not trying to raise money for a permanent museum! They are a registered non-profit, so any donations are tax deductible!

Must Haves For Dinosaur Shoppers

Kinda slim this time around, but I do have something. Dead or alive is your only choice! If you love wine and dinosaurs, or even whining about dinosaurs, these are for you. Amazon really does have everything. Click through these links and it’ll give me a little help too!

Dino Game News

There’s a sci-fi shooter and exploration game launching soon on mobile and PC called Morphite. Morphite lets you explore procedurally generated worlds, filled with procedurally generated animals. Procedural Generation for those that don’t know, means the game randomly selects from a group of options to create something totally unpredictable. Your experience will be different from anyone else. It’s a pretty cool mechanic, in my opinion. What drew my attention to the game were screenshots with both dinosaurs and dinosaur-like creatures. No word on price yet.

Meanwhile Primal Carnage III: Extinction is currently available on Humble Bundle for just $1. It’s a shooter where you can hunt dinosaurs, or hunt as a dinosaur. You can read about the game here if you’re interested. Also in case you don’t know, Humble Bundle donates a portion of proceeds to charity. You’re saving $19 so it’s a really good deal.

I want to drop a quick mention about a dinosaur board game. I hope to look into it more at some point. Ultimate Dinosaur fighting lets you pit dinosaurs against each other in a battle arena style game. You can play with 2-6 players. You can also weaponize your dinosaurs with better genetics! Here’s the link to the Kickstarter campaign. It has all the information. Here’s the link to the order page if you want to pick up a copy.

This one’s a little late, but I’m not up on Hearthstone news. The latest expansion to Blizzard’s online card game is set to the theme of Un’Goro crater. This is an area where dinosaurs rule in the Warcraft universe! So if you enjoy Blizzard’s game, you can check out this latest expansion!

More Smarter About Dinosaurs

Scientists are reporting that the skin on the face of a T-Rex was pretty sensitive, possibly as sensitive as the skin on our hands. It was covered with sensory organ-type structures. Specifically mentioned was it’s use for mating, but who knows what other uses it had? Crocodiles use similar structures to detect vibrations in water, and birds use them for navigation. Pretty interesting article with some crazy ramifications.

Also on the scientific/educational side, I created a little something. I’ve seen and read a lot about animals being mistaken – or not considered – dinosaurs. While I certainly don’t have A level photoshop skills, I feel like it’s pretty good. Read, learn, and pass it on! Click on the picture for a larger version if you need it.

Random News

Ever wondered which dinosaurs would make the best BBQ? Yes, it’s actually under serious debate. On Reddit, of course! Sauropods and Ceratopsians have the most upvotes so far. Read on and chime in. Lots of dinosaurs suggested, and lots of good reasons offered. Let’s not forget that BBQ Chicken is an already-tasty BBQ dinosaur product. See image above for details.