Dinosaur Flavored FunKo Pops


Jurassic Park Line Expands FunKo Dinosaur Offerings

FunKo fans everywhere, rejoice! A new group of pops approach to help celebrate Jurassic Park‘s 25th anniversary! In case you don’t know what FunKo Pops are, they are vinyl figures with oversized ‘bobbleheads’ and exaggerated facial features. You can decorate your desk or simply collect them. Hopefully what are only the first of a Jurassic franchise line of FunKo Pops are here! There are some available in all retail stores, and some that are exclusives. They start releasing in February, and continue through March (15th) for the current offerings.

General Retail Jurassic Park Pops

You can pick up the standard for $10.99 on Amazon. If you use my links below, Amazon will share part of the revenue with me. I’d appreciate it!

Exclusive Jurassic Park Pops

Other Dinosaurs

If for whatever reason you’re not a fan of the Jurassic line of FunKo Pops, or you just can’t get enough of dinosaurs, fret not. There are other dinosaur FunKo pops available. Clicking through the pictures will take you to Amazon, and I will get a share of the revenue if you choose order. Thanks!

The Good Dinosaur Arlo FunKo Pop

From the Disney movie of course. Just look at that face. How can you resist?

Reptar FunKo Pop

Fun fact: Reptar is actually an irradiated Tyrannosaurus Rex. I always thought it was meant to be just a Godzilla reference, but it’s meant to cover dinosaurs too. Apparently even a cartoon like Rugrats has a rich, deep lore. Who knew.

Glow in the Dark Variant and Purple Variant also available.


This is one of my favorite FunKo Pops. It’s TWICE the size of your average pop at 6 inches! Is Godzilla a dinosaur? The debate rages. I’m going with yes for now, because this is one good looking pop. And that SciFi variant is my absolute favorite.

Several variants available, but they are rare and more expensive.