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Dinosaur Culture TV Launches on YouTube!

The first videos has been uploaded, and awaits the judgement of subscribers and the YouTube dinosaur community! There will also be another to follow tomorrow, and more more to come. I’ve commandeered an old YouTube channel that I posted videos on YEARS ago. One of those videos has been particularly successful. The Parasaurolphus sounds video has over 167,000 views and almost 1000 likes! That video is what inspired me to do all this. I was amazed to see just how powerful dinosaurs are. You may notice I have some other videos of, shall we say, lesser quality? They’re doing surprisingly well in spite of that. They are a little embarrassing, but I have no training in putting together videos, only the experience from trial and error. Not that you’ll be getting blockbusters now, but I will work to improve the quality as time goes on. I’ll just ask for your understanding in advance. Of course subscribing really helps, as well as likes and comments. Luckily it seems as long as the contents good, audiences are forgiving. At least when it comes to dinosaurs.

What To Expect Going Forward

My plan is to put condensed versions of website content into videos. It won’t have all the details in the website article, but it’ll be a good synopsis. Some things just won’t translate well into video, so there will be website exclusive content. The reverse will be true also, there will be YouTube exclusive content. For example, I image the dinosaur video games will probably translate better into a visual medium. For the full experience, you’ll just need to follow along on the website and the YouTube channel! There’s also Twitter too!


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