A Look Back at Dinosaur Culture So Far

Dinosaurs and Adults

I had no plan for all of this. It all got started because I liked dinosaurs, and really didn’t feel like there was a place out there aimed at my demographic. There’s tons of kids sites, tons of educational sites, but there’s a huge void between. As big as the internet is, there is nowhere you can go to enjoy the awesomeness of dinosaurs unless you’re 5 or some kind of scientist. I’m neither, and wanted to create something for those of us that fall between the cracks. I have a full time job that has nothing to do with content creation, so none of this is second nature to me. Still, the response I’ve gotten has been surprising. Subscriptions on YouTube, likes and follows on Twitter, and a growing number of visits to the website. Seeing the wide spectrum of fellow adult dinosaur lovers has been motivating. I wanted to talk about the makeup of dinosaur fans that check out the various content channels here every day. I think you’ll be surprised at just how interested adults really are in dinosaurs.

The YouTube Dinosaur Crowd

My dinosaur sounds video has been featured on Cracked.com, as well as The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science blog! Most of the videos on the channel are about gaming, but I am looking into new and different content. It’s more a matter of free time than anything else. One 5-10 minute video takes hours to organize and assemble. Here’s a snapshot of what the YouTube channel looks like today:

  • 381 subscribers
  • 1480 likes (40 dislikes)
  • 566 shares of videos
  • Channel videos have been added to 699 playlists
  • 74% of viewers are male and 26% are female

Age Group Breakdown

Decent numbers, and rapidly growing. But how many of these rabid dinosaur fans are adults?

  1. 25-34 – 36%
  2. 18-24 – 30%
  3. 35-44 – 17%
  4. 45-54 – 6.1%
  5. 55-64 – 2.8%
  6. 64&up – 2.7%

If you haven’t yet, subscribing on YouTube is a huge help.

Dinosaur Web Browsers

The website gets very little traffic. Google penalizes new sites, more or less, until you reach a certain age. Things are already picking up though, so that probably coincides with the one year anniversary. The gender gap increases slightly here. Guess I need to work on my content a little.

  • 85.7% male to 14.3% female

The age groups break down the same as YouTube’s.

  • 25-34 – 49.25%
  • 18-24 – 34.33%
  • 35-44 – 11.94%
  • 45-54 – 4.48%

Once again, the 25-34 is pretty solidly in the lead. I feel like I’ve hit it out of the park as far as attracting the right crowd. To dig a little further, I picked out some of the common interests that Google noticed about visitors.

  • ~4% are tech aficionados
  • 4% are music lovers
  • 3% love Art and the Theater
  • 3% crave fast food
  • 5% play video games
  • ~5% play tabletop games
  • 4+% use dating websites
  • 9% are TV & video buffs
  • 9% are photosharing/shutter bug website users
  • 5% love some movies
  • 3% are American football fans

Dinosaur Followers on Twitter

Twitter is definitely the most active with over 200 followers. Lots of people posting their dinosaur craft projects on Twitter, as well as dinosaur artwork, cosplay selfies, foods, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Even dinosaur porn. I really enjoy the international aspect of Twitter, seeing dinosaurs through the eyes of more than just North America and Europe. Did you know a fried-dough dinosaur is apparently popular with hot milk in Thailand? Again, if you haven’t followed on Twitter, you’re missing out!

Gender Breakdown

  • 39% Female, 61% Male


  • Comedy (Movies and Television) 56%
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Movies and Television) 51%
  • Movie News and General Info 50%
  • Science (News) 50%
  • Business (News) 49%
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Hobbies and interests) 45%
  • Action and Adventure 43%
  • Books News and General Info 42%
  • Politics and Current Events 42%
  • Technology 41%

Comedy? I never saw that one coming. The rest are pretty predictable, including Politics which is mostly a grown-up’s hobby.

Content Topics Covered

I’ve really covered a big variety of topics across all content channels, these are just some of them. You can click on any to check ’em out. Feels like a good spread to me, and as I mentioned before, I’m always looking for different kinds of content.

See the little dinosaur figure I made out of the list above?

Goals for the Future

Where do I go from here? There are a million things I’d like to do involving dinosaurs. Write a book, create a video game, visit a fossil dig site. Realistically though, I have two goals in mind. First, I’d like to collaborate with other people. I see a lot of people creating dinosaur themed things like crafts, terrariums, foods, and more. I’d like to find someone who has a small site or channel of their own, and cross promote something. Crossing genres with dinosaurs is the future I see for this project. Dinosaurs and cooking, dinosaurs and clothing; pretty much dinosaurs and anything.

My second goal is a little more vague, and a little more challenging. I want to do a Kickstarter campaign. I love me some crowd funding, and what better way to push an adult dinosaur agenda than with a dinosaur something for grown ups? I have two vague ideas in mind, but nothing definite yet. It’d probably be Q3 or Q4 of 2017 before I can get to it this year absent some kind of too good to pass up opportunity.

Dinosaur Culture: A Dinosaur Community

I don’t know how much crossover there is between the various channels. I’d love to know how many YouTube subscribers follow me on twitter, how many website viewers watch on YouTube, and so on. I hope to eventually tie in all content avenues together. In the end, that’s the desired outcome of this little project, a community of more mature dinosaur enthusiasts. While I certainly don’t have anything against kids, I’m just not creating content directed at them. I want to shift dinosaurs more into the ‘accepted’ realm of adults. So far, looks like it’s working out well.

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