Dinosaur Crowd Funding Report #3

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Permia – Prehistoric Clothing and Collectibles

dinosaur shirt

There’s a desire for scientifically accurate dinosaur everything from a sizable, or at least vocal, portion of dinosaur fans. This probably includes clothing as well. In steps Permia on Kickstarter with a line of ‘collectible’ and scientifically accurate dinosaur clothing. Personally I think being collectible puts it at odds with being clothing. The whole point of having cool dinosaur shirts is to wear them, right? But, I digress. The shirts available in the campaign look great, and I really love their logo. The Ceratosaurus shirt is my favorite. Their stylized art style is great for all the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

ORION – Online Sci-Fi MMORPG Shooter where you FIGHT Dinosaurs

guardians of orion dinosaurs

Orion is already an established video game series. I’ve mentioned them over in my dinosaur video games article. The initial game Orion Prelude is an FPS shooter, and the more recent Guardians of Orion is something a little more ambitious. The ORION Kickstarter is wanting to expand on Guardians of Orion in a major way. It wants to add open worlds to explore, unique modes of transportation, as well as offering whatever viewpoint you want (Top down, FPS, or third-person). This Kickstarter promises to bring these features and more sooner than later. I’ve actually gotten to play Guardians of Orion a little. I really loved the graphics, and while the dinosaurs didn’t have feathers, you have to remember this is SciFi. Dinosaurs in space need tough skin to repel the harsh climates of other planets! And besides, they look incredible.

Sauriana – Dinosaur/Steampunk Miniatures Game (Cancelled)

dinosaur wargame

I know it was cancelled, but I really want to talk about this game. I play tabletop wargames myself, and was pretty excited to see this. Besides, it’s more postponed than cancelled anyway, they have promised to return better prepared in 2017. You should at least check out the project on Kickstarter here. It features four factions, with obvious historical reference; The Cope Collective, the Othniellians, the Explorer’s Club, and the World’s Faire. For those that don’t care for a steampunk aesthetic like myself, The World’s Faire faction is for you. This includes your ‘wild’ dinosaurs, of which they provide a beautiful prototype. I cannot wait to see this campaign come back next year, and see what the offerings are!

Other Odds and Ends

Here’s a few other campaigns I found and wanted to add just for completeness. These all happened to be on Indiegogo.

DinoCubik – Cardboard dinosaur heads to mount on your wall. Like hunters do with animals.

DinoRage – A ‘brutal’ FPS shooter with dinosaurs, along the lines of 80s and 90s FPS games for PC.

Model Dinosaur Collection DIY – Papercraft dinosaurs – in color! I actually couldn’t tell they were paper at first. Digital kit starts at $5 for DIY printing.

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