Dinosaur Crowd Funding Report #2


museum quality dinosaur fossil replicas

Jurassic Fossils on Indiegogo

They are creating museum quality Tyrannosaurus skeletons via 3D printing, with a scale more conducive to displaying in your average building. Here is my Indiegogo referral program link (There are bonuses for referring others to the project apparently. Seems pretty cool to me.) Of all the skeletons I have seen around the internet that are available for purchase, these look the nicest so far. I’m not sure if it’s the kind of plastic they use or some kind of paint finish, but the skeletons look exactly like what you’d see in the museum. This is actually not their first campaign. They’ve already had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it looks like it was very successful. The rewards are cheaper this go around, so it looks like the 1.0 campaign paid off for Jurassic Fossil and their customers! Crowd funding success, no?

While they only offer the Tyrannosaurus now, they have several pictures of other skeletons. A triceratops skeleton, brachiosaurus, and even a pterodactyl. This campaign’s goal seems geared towards expanding their line. For $85 you can get your own Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. You can actually snag one cheaper if you are able to get one of the two early bird reward levels. They offer a black tyrannosaur skeleton as well for a few dollars more if you’re not a fan of the vintage, traditional look. If you don’t want to wait on the 2.0 campaign, you can pick up (what i’d imagine are the 1.0 models) on their website store now.

Mark of the Conifer: An Epic Dinosaur Novel on Kickstarter

I really enjoyed reading Raptor Red. The campaign video specifically cites that book as in influence, as well as Watership Down. Another really good book for animal(bunny) lovers. This book, however, stands out to me. Mark of the Conifer is a fully illustrated dinosaur novel, launching on Kickstarter. How does that work, I wonder? 102 full color illustrations, according to the video. Maybe this is something new or rare in the book world, as I’ve never read an illustrated novel. Either way, seems pretty cool to me. The author, Laura Jennings, emphasizes the artwork, so don’t expect a traditional print novel. A lot of the backer rewards are art-based as well. You can see examples of the art style in the campaign video. It all looks pretty amazing.

The story is about a Utahraptor on a quest to save his world. A whopping 122,000 word epic novel! It promises to be science-based with a fantasy influence as well. The campaign offers the book in 3 different formats – ebook, paperback, and hardback. The eBook starts at $15, and comes with some extras. You can even read the first chapter of Mark of the Conifer here! So really if you like the first chapter, what have you got to lose? I’m pretty excited to read it myself.

Sorry for the Silence!

Thanks to a new video game release (Looking at you World of Warcraft!), I have been a little more preoccupied with another hobby of mine. Still though, crowd funding is super interesting to me. Thanks to a tweet from @JurassicFossil I was made aware of their new Indiegogo campaign. That of course got me back on track with searching for other crowd funding projects. I’ve decided to try and do these in a group instead of trying to post something for each one. I’ll just add to it over time. Seems more convenient for me and readers. If not, tell me how you feel in the comments!