Crowd Funding Report #4


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March 2017 Dinosaur Crowd Funding Report

Now is actually a REALLY good time if you enjoy dinosaurs and crowd funding. There is more dinosaur stuff available on Kickstarter than usual, and I want most of it! There’s something for everyone, literally. Readers, artists, gamers and more.

Trophy-saur Sculpts

A little on the expensive side, but I think this is a really unique idea. This kickstarter campaign takes the tradition of mounting animal trophies, and brings dinosaurs into the mix. These small resin models let you choose from several carnivores to assemble, then paint. The packages start at $55 for a head. The sculpts look REALLY good, so it’s at least worth clicking through to see the concept.

Dino Dice Towers

I love dinosaur tabletop products, and this one looks amazing. Dice towers! Roll your dice with dinosaurs! Excited? I am. The graphics look very nice, and apparently they even have some kind of dino-skin texture? If you click through to the campaign, you can see that they could even be used as decoration. So if you’re a gamer, or have one in your life, this is a really easy gift.

Dino T-Shirt

Here’s something for anyone! Anyone that wears clothes, that is. This campaign is for a t-shirt commemorating the first dinosaur bone found in the United States. It’s only $9 or $10 for the shirt, so it’s a pretty affordable project.

Mark of the Conifer

Mark of the Conifer is back! This second g-round is scaled down a little from the first run. Mark of the Conifer is a fictional dinosaur story with loads of artwork. Something between a novel and a graphic novel. The e-book rewards start at $20, and of course paper and hardback are available at higher tiers. You can even check out the first chapter from the book here. You can read up, then decide if you want to read more.

Claw Hunter Dinosaur Video Game

A little something for the video gamers here, Claw Hunter wants to bring a single player adventure game to life. You take a group of adventurers through a dinosaur-filled world. You even get to make use of a few dinosaurs for your team. Uncharted and Tomb Raider were cited as inspirations for the game.

Dinosaur Adult Coloring Book

So if you don’t want to paint the dinosaur head-mounts above, maybe you want to color them? I’ve seen a rise in the popularity of adult coloring books. One artist is bringing a set to Kickstarter that includes dinosaurs. The campaign also includes dogs, cats, amphibians and more. Books start at $10 if you’re interested.

If you know a crowd funding campaign that involves dinosaurs, let me know!