Custom Dinosaur Illustration and Design Services

Wildlife and Dinosaur Illustrations

Having obviously needed dinosaur artwork in the past, I checked around and discovered a phenomenal paleo artist, Paulo Liete. I approached him about offering his services here on Dinosaur Culture, not the other way around. I’ll get more into my personal experience in a little bit, but I want you to know something first. While I do get a small commission for work done through my site, I think the more important thing is that I have experience with him as a paying customer. Paulo Liete is a professional illustrator and paleo artist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He specializes in paleo art and creature design. From realistic dinosaur art to dinosaur fantasy art, Paulo can do it all. He has a stylized art look as well if you want something on the lighter side. I am confident that you will be more than satisfied with his dinosaur illustration services.

My Personal Testimonial

I wanted a very specific piece of dinosaur art for this website. It’s really scary for me when shopping for custom art. I’m always worried the end result won’t be what I wanted. When I found Paulo, I was reassured from the very beginning that not only would I be happy with the art, but that it wasn’t going to break the bank. He first created the Triceratops/Dinosaur art that you see throughout my website, YouTube, and social media. Not only is Paulo an extremely talented dinosaur illustrator, but he was extremely easy to work with. When I ordered my dinosaur illustration, he got right to work. Not only was it done quickly, but his communication was great! He has such a laid back tone, and never once tried any pushy tactics. I never felt like I was being ignored, or buried under a pile of his other paleo art customers. In fact, I was so happy with Paulo that when I needed more artwork for another non-dinosaur art project – I came right back. He does more than just dinosaurs, and his other wildlife and creature illustrations are just as high quality. And while he does amazing realistic dinosaur art, he also has a stylized option as well. This is exactly what I needed, and he was spot on again with the communication and finished my project in under a week! Both projects were well worth every penny. As I look forward to needing more dinosaur art on my site – Paulo is my go-to for dinosaur art!
Uses for Custom

Dinosaur Art

Paulo can do work for museums, children’s books, web images for your site, logos, and pretty much any dinosaur artwork you could possibly need. Get some custom his-and-hers shirts and wear some cool dinosaur art  on a zoo trip. If dinosaur pop art is your thing, you can commission something using a stylized art style to throw on a canvas for some truly personalized dinosaur wall art. You can even upload your custom paleo art to a web-based service for a unique movie poster sized dinosaur illustration to hang on your wall. Maybe you just want a few simple clipart silhouettes for your website or work project? There is no limit to the uses for custom dinosaur illustrations. With custom dinosaur art, you will have something nobody else can get.

Paulo’s Process

If you’re interested in seeing what Paulo can do, it’s super easy to get started.

  1. Fill out the contact form below. Try and be detailed with the description of your project, as this will save you the most time.
  2. Paulo will ask any leftover questions to determine the scope of your project.
  3. You’ll then receive a quote based on the requirements of your project (time, extras, etc).
  4. Once you have approved the project, Paulo will get right to work! A few sketch proofs should arrive in a few days.
  5. Depending on his workload and the size of your project, Paulo could have your job done in under a week!

All payments are made through PayPal. Additional extras are available upon request such as commercial rights, source files, silhouettes, and more! All contact and transactions are made directly with the artist! Nobody but you and Paulo know about your project, or what you’re requesting.

Just try sending Paulo a message with what you want. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised from start to finish.